MONOCOZZI Limited manages the brand MONOCOZZI worldwide and sell them through our distribution partners to retail channels like integrated department stores, electronic chain stores, Apple Premium Resellers, book stores and accessory stores in the airport as well as to online retailers like Amazon and Rakuten etc. MONOCOZZI, the company’s mainstay brand, offers high quality and stylish traveller and mobile accessories via a network of around a thousand stores in 14 countries and regions. MONOCOZZI’s 4 main product categories are composed with traveller accessories. cases & bags for mobile devices, electronic accessories & car accessories.

The LUCID collection of mobile cases has been a big success of bringing simplicity and durability of cases to protect their mobile devices. LUSH & Bon Voyage are offering people a great deal of convenience by providing customers different types of travelling accessories from packing bags to retractable locks. In addition, the expanding EXQUISITE collection cases for smartphones is handcrafted with genuine premium cowhide leather to give our customers a touch of elegancy and extravagance at reasonable prices. SMIGHTY collection electronic accessories is named after the appearances and functions of their products - small and mighty. 

MONOCOZZI’s mission is to design and create products to help people live cozy, work easy and travel poshy.

The history of Monocozzi

It was a lukewarm Hong Kong winter night in 2013, and a couple of young designers were running dry of brilliant ideas for their next batch of phone cases. Dulled by the blank screen staring back at them, they suddenly realised that they wanted more than just hard and cold technology and gadgets.

Freshened by the idea, they ditched their drawing boards and took their budding thought to the nearest pub. Imagination took them from boasting about travel adventures to sharing survival tips in town. What they realised was that no matter where they were and what they were doing, technology seems to indispensably play a part.

Gone are the days when we were glued to our office desktops, our smartphones and gadgets tag along to not only to our afternoon meetings but also our morning jogs and evening dates. We work with technology, we travel with technology and we live with technology.

Gathering their metropolis experience from LA, Sydney and Hong Kong, they realised they are the real experts to surviving the hustle and bustle of modern life. By injecting a zest of cozzi-chicness into our lives, we may find an oasis from the city crowd.

MONOCOZZI, meaning comfy objects, breathes style and personality into our gadgets. It blends technology into our lives in a stylish fashion such that technology works for us, plays with us and speaks for us.