LUSH Travel Set
LUSH Travel SetLUSH Travel SetLUSH Travel SetLUSH Travel Set

LUSH Storage Set - Storage Pouch (4in1) & Duffle Bag

LUSH Storage Pouches are washable and designed for you to put in any trip necessities. They come in 3 sizes and you can treat them as laundry bags or accessory bags etc.They help you to keep everything well organised.Size S: 29.5 x 17 cm | Size M: 45 x 29 cm | Size L: 45.5 x 42 cm

Monocozzi’s Foldable Duffle bag gives you a choice of bringing a lot of shoppings or extra belongings back home from your holiday. This duffle bag is the perfect versatile and strong but light solution for you. It can be easily folded down and packed away in your luggage when travelling.It’s very helpful to bring it along the trip especially when there is not enough room in your luggage. The complimentary padlock allows you to check the bag in with no hassles.