LUSH | Traveler Spare Bag (Large) - Pink
LUSH | Traveler Spare Bag (Large) - PinkLUSH | Traveler Spare Bag (Large) - PinkLUSH | Traveler Spare Bag (Large) - PinkLUSH | Traveler Spare Bag (Large) - Pink

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It's no fun shopping and worrying about luggage space, why not bring a light, foldable spare bag with you? Monocozzi’s Traveller spare bag is made with high quality light weight nylon with eco-friendly, water-proof polyurethane coating. We inserted a double zipper to fit a padlock so you can check in your extra shopping, and the smart band at the back of the bag allows it to sit nicely on top of your suitcase to avoid octopus situations.

  • Unfolded Size: 37.1 x 52 x 27 cm
  • Weight: 152Gram
  • Material: Water Resistant PU laminated Nylon
  • Color: Pink

Great material

  • Foldable
  • sturdy Design and Material
  • Water Repellent PU Laminated Fabric
  • Ultra Lightweight and Small
  • With Luggage Strap

Unique Design Trending

Simply follow the ‘easy 4-step fold’ and the spacious spare bag will at once disappear neatly into a portable size again.

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